Monday, October 18, 2004

Capture the Flag

Capture the flag
There are two teams each team receives a flag and a territory. Within their territory the teams designated one place to hang a flag and another place as a jail. The object of the game is to take the flag of the other team and successfully bring it into your territory. If a member of the opposite team tags you while in their territory you are sent to jail. The only way out of jail is if a member from your own team is able to cross into the opponents territory and tag you without getting sent to jail themselves.

The importance of Location
I remember the beginning of sophmore year and the best game of capture the flag ever.
The game took place in the Presidio, home to student housing and lots of space. We played at night and chose a lot near Chrissy Field as the site for our game. There were street lights around so it was not entirely dark but also rows of closely planted trees and their long shadows were great for cover. The lot had a sidewalk that ran diagonally down the center which naturally served as the demarcation between the two territories. Because it was dark we played with glow sticks for flags. We had a large group with about thirty people, two teams of fifteen. The game lasted about two hours. The team with the best stratagey won.

Last week we tried to recreate midnight capture the flag in Dolores park but ran into problems: the time rules were explained people were to drunk to listen well, to drunk to develop a strategey, to drunk to be sneaky or fast, and to belligerent to go to jail 2.The affordances of Delores park differed greatly from the affordances of Chrissy Field in that Delores Park is not flat, is relatively well lit without an abundance of shadow cover, and people who are not in the game frequently pass through the park.
The game ended after a few physical brawls a lot of confusion and before most people even knew it had started.

It was time to play a game everyone knew


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