Sunday, October 17, 2004

Q: What was god doing before He made us?

I don't really care to discuss if the surrealist games are "Games"*.

A: I would describe it as sharp and light/ I associate it with clean.

I find anticipation to be the key of Surrealist Games.
I think the element of anticipation is both the most damaging and the most redeaming element.
I find the results of the Surrealist games are often "let downs"after the initial exciting anticipation rush.******
For every Surrealist "definition" I felt was good,** we produced at least three I felt were less than good***.
I have also played exquisite corpse on a number of occasions and have found the product- ratio of good** to less than good*** in a similar distribution.
However the anticipation is also the Surrealist games strongest element keeping the players sense of excitement and investment alive and maintaining the games as worth-while activities.

The Surrealist games aren't really fun unless the products were good***
And I think the games make good toys***** or jumping off points for playing other games.
I found what happened after playing a few rounds with the same people interesting as a collective conciousness began to develop and the work became more productive/good***
I think playing the surrealist games with the challenge of cultivating a collective consciousness to the point that Exqusite corpses become.. oh .. say..."exquiste portraits" would be...[interesting]... well it would be something else entirely, but something beautiful reached through an intensive process

*games with a capital G****
**good in that the relationship between the two ideas was productive, cultivating new images and associations.
***less than good in that the ideas were irreconcilable and they did little other than provoke an annoyance.
****In this critic, I don't care to discuss if the surrealist games are "Games"* any more than I care to debate weather a given object is really an "Art Object". The fact of the matter is that they exist and I don't feel that assigning them as included or excluded from an untangible abstract realm of being is helpful.*****
*****this said I think by Avedon's standards the Surrealist games could be Games* there is a purpose, procedures for action, rules governing action, required number of players, participant roles and interacition patterns, pay off...etc.
on the other hand by Costikyan's standards the Surrealist games don't hold up as Games* although they might qualify as toys.
****** like space exploration


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