Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Formal Feedback

Cihan's Zilchmaster is a democratic mod on trivial pursuit. It is a board game and the core mechanic is voting. Watching the game was entertaining, it seemed as if the questions really mattered a lot less to the players than coming up with strategies for managing their true and false tokens, and strategizing on what players thought the other players might vote true to rather than voting how they honestly felt, which is also neat because players would run out of one answer and have to play another answer even if it was contrary to how they felt- kind of like a real world democracy. Zilchmaster has all of the physical elements: a board, pieces, question cards, tokens, etc. of a game but I did feel like the magic circle was not very defined- I think a fine tuning of the small rules like how you lay down tokens and when etc. will clear a lot of those problems up, also keep in mind that it did seem as though the last team to roll, lost out because they didn't have tokens by the time it was their turn. Clarity of the rules 6.


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