Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Formal Feedback

SFAI Balance Challenge by Elliot was a kind of mini triathalon. The different stages had different core mechanics- mostly answering questions and skating skillfully.The game was exciting to watch and stimulating to play. I think the Balance Challenge has enough formal elements to be considered a game, a clearly defined goal- cross finish line first, rules constraining player behavior- i don't think you were allowed knock someone off their board, players can choose to complete the math test affecting the game result, the 'lusory attitude' is present- players adhered to the course rather than just race over the finish line, a magic circle was present, it was easier for players who might be more hesitant at other times to skate on the quad.The best thing about the game is the juxtaposition of intellect (math questions) and skateboarding- challenge eachother challenge stereotypes challenge yourself! I think it might be good to interpose other activities such as still life drawing, poetry writing, dancing, singing as well. The rules were well presented but the technical aspects like how much the math factors in were a little hazy. I think they should count for more. I didn't play but it seemed like jacob's strategy was to skip the math and head straight for the finish line- he won but I think that breaks the lusory attitude in a way because players will just never do the math unless you make them.The group IQ test was a neat way for fans to get invested in a player and somehow bet on them. It's a really neat aspect.Good Job


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