Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Formal Feedback

Jacob's game "The Cafe" is a social game in which players complete a series of activities-in teams of two for five minutes before swithching tables and pairing up with a new partner for the next activity.I don't think that there was a singular core mechanic people are: talking-&sharing stories, bartering, drawing, mimicing etc.. just completeing the activities. The play experience was exciting to begin with sitting down with someone, knowing that the two of you would be completing a mysterious task together; it was fun to watch other players and guess what activity they were completing; and it became confusing when it seemed like finding both a table and player that were new was impossible. Jacob gave clear enough instructions as to how to play, the cafe was a good defining game space, and I felt comfortable- and within the magic circle- completing even the most silly of the actions. The best developed element to me was the collaborative aspect of the concept- I feel like the game made collabortaters out of everyone and that collaberation reinforced the magic circle because of a kind of safety in numbers thing. The rules and instructions I would give an 8 out of 10 they were pretty explicit, however, I feel like the rules failed the structure at certain points when I was unable to correctly participate because the only tables available were occupied by people who i had already played... but that shouldn't be hard to fix- i am imagining a kind of script where on the activity sheet, players have a direction to there next destination like player one- go to table six...?? Strategy was impossible because there wasn't a goal. I would like for there to be a goal to the game even if it is just a reveal of how all of the activities relate to one another.The game had all of the oppertunity for and produced emergent play- that's cool.
I would like a mod : if the first activity for all tables was to think of an activity- and then the players ended up at there own activity station last- I think that might be interesting because it would be more specific to the individuals who were playing and it would mean no matter how many times you played you wouldn't get bored because the activities would always be changing.


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