Monday, September 13, 2004


Artistic practice is life is revolutionary practice is artistic practice
We believe in the supreme power of play
We deconstruct the essentials of to learn and to teach
We will learn teach others through play in which they will teach learn us
We share experience
We find music
We play music
To feed and to be fed and to know and feel what another is experiencing is
Harmony is balance
True activism will never occur through anger true activism will occur with love
Our life is love Our art is love Our activism is love
Play is love
We play always
WE live our lives in the consciousness we have
We do not actively pursue consciousness/
We make adjustments to our practice as we learn teach through play
We stretch
We make noise
WE dance
We smell the air
We balance
We perform
We are listening
We are imitating
We are weaving through the city
Stitching ourselves together to the fabric
We are space gypsies
We explore without reservation
We hustle space for the best perches
We do not claim land
We understand that ownership is constructed
We acknowledge that motion and stillness are essentials of one idea
We reject worry in its place we establish reflection and action
We die living
We love the city
We love her people
We love the Buddhist Monastery
We love the Gas Station Food Court
We love the countryside
We love mosquitoes
We camp
We cook
We bow
We sew
We travel
We are light
We are content
We know that contentedness is the most revolutionary state of being